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A reverse phone lookup is a process of learning the ownership details attached to an unknown telephone number. It is also referred to as a phone number lookup. These details are required during the process of applying for a phone number and stored in the carrier’s user directory. Details will typically include names, home or office addresses, social security numbers, and other pertinent information. A reverse phone search provides access to the user directory to retrieve the available information on the phone number being looked up.

What are Idaho Phone Numbers?

Telecommunication has come a long way in the United States and the State of Idaho. For almost a century, landlines were used for all calls made in the country. In recent decades, however, telephony devices, user preferences, and carrier services have evolved. According to a U.S. Census Bureau study, as of 1996, about 96% of U.S. households owned landlines. By 2012, 52.3% of adults lived in Idaho households that depended solely on wireless devices, while only 4.9% resided in landlines-only households. This trend continued, and by 2018, 72.2% of adults in Idaho households used wireless-only telephone services while only 3.2% depended entirely on landlines.

As American households have switched from landlines to wireless telephone services, phone companies have followed suit. As of 2020, there are four major carriers with a presence in Idaho. Each company's share of the U.S. phone subscriber market is estimated at:

  • AT&T: 39.9%
  • Verizon: 29.2%
  • T-Mobile: 16.4%
  • Sprint: 13.3%

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it Is?

Yes, you can. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stipulates that anyone who applies for a telephone number must register their contact details with the phone company. These details typically include the name of the person getting the telephone number, home or office address, and social security number. These details are stored in user directories that can be queried by phone number lookups. If your Caller I.D. indicates an unknown number, the question "who called me" is answered by using a reverse phone lookup service. This service will provide you with the phone owner's name and other available details. It is pertinent to note that some scammers can spoof phone numbers, thereby making it difficult to verify a caller’s true identity.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone's Phone Number?

Several online services are available that perform reverse phone lookups. A lot of these services allow users to carry out phone number searches free of charge. However, results obtained via free searches are limited and are sometimes of no use to the researcher. Therefore, your best bet is to use a paid service when looking up someone's phone number. Using a paid service will give you complete information on the subject of a phone number search.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Companies with reverse telephone directories offer phone lookup services. A phone lookup is a service that provides an individual with available information about a specific phone number. This service can come in handy in different situations; you might need to call your dry cleaner, but find you only have their address. You might have repeatedly missed calls from an unknown number, and are curious to learn who the caller was. You might also use it to identify a suspicious caller, thereby avoiding being scammed.

Phone scammers, however, have found ways to undermine phone lookup services. One of the ways they do this is by using VoIP numbers. A single user may use multiple VoIP numbers, without registering personal details for those numbers. This means you must learn to spot fraudulent calls and to stay safe from fraudsters.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in Idaho?

Yes. Anyone can use reverse phone lookup to identify unknown callers in the State of Idaho. Idaho does not regulate providers of phone number lookup searches but expects them to operate within the reaches of its civil and criminal laws. Therefore, users and providers must not identify anyone with reverse phone lookup with the intention of harassing, stalking, or causing harm. Similarly, it is illegal to use phone number lookup searches to find targets for scams or to steal confidential information. 

Just as phone number lookup users and providers must stay on the right side of Idaho laws, they must also obey state and federal privacy laws. Lookup service providers must not serve confidential information in their search results. Users must not also use this tool to spy on others. To respect the privacy of identified callers, reverse phone lookups only deliver results taken from public records. Their sources include carrier databases, public social media posts, and public criminal justice records.

What Information Can You Get from a Idaho Phone Number Lookup Search?

When searching for an unknown caller in Idaho with a reverse phone lookup tool, you can expect to learn the name, address, age, and gender of the subject of the search. Most Idaho phone number lookup free searches will provide these details as sourced from carrier databases and submitted by users upon registering their phone numbers. However, these details may no longer be accurate as people change their names, addresses, and genders.

For more up-to-date records, consider using a reverse phone lookup paid service. This can find recent updates about callers’ information from multiple sources including the ones they provide on social media websites. In addition to serving updated records, paid phone lookup searches can also find other details about identified callers. For example, they can find arrest and criminal records and search Idaho’s sex offender registry too. 

Results from these sources are especially useful when investigating a strange caller after identifying them. They can be used to determine whether to believe the caller’s claims or not. Criminal justice records can be used to reveal phone scammers and stalkers with past records. They are also helpful for discovering the true identities of impersonators and for foiling the cons of fake charities and deceitful companies.

What is a VoIP Number?

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), numbers are virtual numbers used for placing calls over the internet. VoIP services assign phone numbers to individuals and businesses that are used to make phone calls on internet-connected communications devices. While land and mobile lines require users to be in specific locations, VoIP numbers enable users to make and receive calls anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a functional internet connection. This flexibility has driven mass adoption, and as of 2018, there were 76.6 million U.S. phone subscribers using VoIP numbers.

This flexibility has also provided scammers with advanced tools for their nefarious activities. With VoIP technology, they can obtain American phone numbers to make fraudulent calls, no matter where they are. Also, because users can activate VoIP numbers without attaching personal details to them, scammers who use them can remain hidden from reverse phone searches.

What is an Idaho Phone Number Area Code?

The area code system in the United States was introduced in the 1940s. Previously, each state ran its telephone numbering system. The Bell System, a consortium of companies led by the Bell Phone Company, designed the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The NANP's implementation unified the telephone services in North America and made it possible to connect phone calls between the regions. It also made it possible to assign new phone numbers as the population continued to increase.

Today, the NANPA's activities are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Commission gives each state the authority of choosing when and where an area code should be introduced - subject to existing regulations. The first three digits in every 10-digit phone number represent the area code, representing the area where the phone number was registered.

What is an Idaho Phone Number Prefix Code?

In every U.S. phone number, the first three digits represent the area code. The next three figures are referred to as the prefix code. Those three digits are followed by a final block of four digits known as the line number.

For example, using the phone number (208) 995-8517;

  • 208 is the area code
  • 995 is the prefix code

When an American phone number connects with an international phone number, it takes on an additional digit, known as the international code. In the example of +1 (208) 995-8517;

  • 1 is the country code for the United States
  • 208 is the area code
  • 995 is the prefix code